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instagram to WAV converter

  1. Find your video/audio

    Copy the URL of your video/audio and paste it into the Yout search bar.

  2. Go to DVR Page

    You will be redirect to the DVR page where you will be able to set any configuration.

  3. Clipping

    Yout allows you to crop your video / audio, you must drag the time range or change the values in "From" and "To" fields.

  4. Select your format

    Yout allows you to format shift your video / audio in these formats MP3 or WAV (Audio), MP4 (Video) or GIF. Choose MP3.

  5. Select the quality

    You can format shift your video / audio in different qualities, from the lowest to the highest quality.

  6. Check Metadata

    Yout scrapes the text on the video page and fills in text we think might fit in the title if app, etc, if applicable. It does this by splitting the title of the page as | or - and we choose an order we think might be, feel free to change it to what ever you want. It has no relation to if it is a video with a contents of the title title or anything, simply it is parts of a meta file that can be filled.

  7. Start and enjoy

    Click the button to start format shifting your instagram

Available guidelines